Hello. I only discovered Spiddrelli recently and I'm really enjoying it. I realized while going through your old comic that it was hosted by Comic Fury. Being a broke comic writer who hasn't had their work published on the web yet, I was curious about your experiences with the site. Is it worth my while to release my comic through Comic Fury, or look for a more expensive option?

ComicFury is great, as well as SmackJeeves. The only reason I’m no longer hosted with them is that my site is managed by Hiveworks after I joined them. I like ComicFury because the admin is easily reachable, accommodating and courteous. So definitely stick with the free hosts! You can even use custom domains, and ComicFury has no requirements for displaying their brand as a host!

Hi! I got into Spiddrelli a week or two ago and I love it! I'd just like to know if Judd and Gwynn are full siblings, because I'm working on editing the wiki. Thanks!

Yep, they are! (thanks for doing that, by the way! It keeps winding up on that “things i’d do if i had the time” list)