Will you be adding any more music/sound effects to Spiddrelli? I think it was a really nice touch with the music at the bar, the interrogation music, the creepy music box etc and it'd be good to see more of that in future updates. :)

I hope so. I’m always trying to think of the most graceful way to integrate music.

My options for music are limited, since you can’t just play any song you want. I rely a lot on musical friends and such. If I feel a song will help a scene I’ll use it, but I use it sparingly because sometimes it can be more obnoxious if slipped in everywhere.

Just wanted to say I love Spiddrelli! I've been reading this weekly since this summer and it's been a great experience waiting for Spiddrelli to come out every Wednesday! I've even gotten a few friends into it and we've started this little 'cult' (as a friend called it) of people who are huge fans :). Love your work!

It’s always intensely flattering to hear people love my work! Thanks so much!

Is there a reason that Robin is such a workaholic? I guess after a while everybody would get tired of their job, no matter how fun it is... and for some reason I see Robin as a person who likes to keep things different, interesting.

I think this unfortunately strays into spoiler territory~! Though Robin is a workaholic, he does indeed enjoy his job.

We’ll find out Robin’s motivations in due time.

Would you qualify Spiddrelli as a Webcomic or as more of an interactive webisode?

I would say it’s categorically under the umbrella term of ‘webcomic’, but ‘Interactive webisode’ is more succinct. So both!