Hey guys, sorry about the radio silence. The first week of school started last week and I got hit hard with everything that entailed winding back up for school again.

No update this week, keep your eyes peeled for next week though!

wait when you mean finale as in the finale to spidrelli or the finale to a chapter? 0.0

The chapter finale! This chapter is almost over, and it’s hard writing finales when there’s so much to take into account! But I finally have something i think will be great. Look forward to it!

Working on Finale

Apologies for the delays, guys. i’ve been working hard rewriting this finale and it’s finally starting to come together nicely! Trust me, this is gonna be intense. I can’t really give a release date at this point. Hopefully some will be out by Friday? But it’s a finale. I don’t want to rush it. I want it to be done right.

Sorry for the wait, but I want this to be good.

Hey folks, sorry about the lateness! Been working on a lot of backend stuff while also getting ready for the next semester of Art School!

Tomorrow I will release two pages. I’m sure the changes will be obvious!